Get the Refreshing Vibes with Srinagar Tourism

A modern water-world, Srinagar is dominated by Dal lake. Lying in the heart of Kashmir valley, Srinagar has everything to allure you. Its enveloping natural beauty and spectacular tourist attractions make it a famous tourist place to visit.

The capital city of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar is a famous tourist destination in India. Centrally located at the heart of the majestic Kashmir valley, the city represents beauty and romance. The tourism in Srinagar is usually categorized into its pristine lakes, well-laid gardens and bustling markets.

Dal LakeDal Lake
Spread over a vast area of 26 sq. km, Dal Lake is among the most famous tourist attractions of Srinagar. Known for its houseboats, the lake is settled against the snow-covered Himalayas. With its scenic environs, the lake has become the perfect place to sojourn. Its unmatched beauty has always been an inspiration for poets and nature lovers. The lake serves as a hub to enjoy a plethora of water sports like swimming, water surfing, kayaking, shikara rides, canoeing and angling.

Shankaracharya Temple
Tourists can visit this ancient shrine with Srinagar travel guide. It positions itself on the Shankaracharya hill. Located at a height of 1100 feet on the South-east of the city, this sacred spot also offers the picturesque vistas of the valley. Legend says that Saint Shankaracharya spent some time of his life at this site. The inner sanctum enhances a modern ceiling and several Persian inscriptions.

Mughal Gardens
Built by the Mughal Emperors Jahangir and Shah Jahan, there are three gardens. The Shalimar Bagh, the Nishat Bagh and the Chashm-e-Shahi are the three names. All these gardens are constructed by following the Mughal architectural style.

Hazratbal Shrine
Literally, the name Hazratbal means a Majestic Place. It is also known as the Dargah Sharif. This sacred spot of Muslim lies opposite the Nishat Bagh on the left bank of the Dal Lake. It is considered as the holiest Muslim shine in Kashmir. Hazratbal also has the relics of Moi-e-Muqqadas. Many people visit the site on their Jammu & Kashmir tour.

Wular Lake
Counted among the popular attractions in Srinagar, it is a large freshwater lake and is fed by River Jhelum on intervals. The lake is known for various water creatures and birds, who flock the lake frequently. Owing to the availability of various species of fishing, maximum fishery business is achieved by Wular Lake.

Shikara RideShikara Ride Srinagar
An important feature about Srinagar is its Shikara ride. The classic reasons why people visit Srinagar are the houseboats. Shikara ride is very popular among tourists who throng to the place from far and wide. The ride takes tourists along the serene Dal Lake at the backdrop of the splendid snow-capped Himalayas. The most attractive feature of the ride is its floating gardens during the joyride.

Srinagar Tourism offers you the unlimited opportunities to enjoy your vacation at its best. Embark on a Jammu Kashmir tour to spend your holiday amidst the serene ambience of hills.

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